A5_folded1Leaflets (A5), posters (A4) and postcards (A6) are all crucial marketing tools which when distributed  to your target audience are a highly cost effective form of marketing.

We recommend 10,000 A5 leaflets and 200 A4 posters when you launch your business.  After that top up with a mix of products to suit your needs.

Please allow 2 weeks turnaround – this covers is placing the artwork order with the agency, getting your approval on artwork and sometimes making amendments, production time at the printers and delivery time.




Leaflets, posters and postcards order form

    NOTE - Carriage is included
  • The artwork on the front of each item is the same, whichever format you are ordering. Having a longer list can reduce impact as font sizes decrease. Try to keep areas listed to a max of 4. With areas with lots of villages, choose a bigger town and write "and surrounding areas".
  • Write it as you want it to appear, e.g. Call Fred on 0123 456889 or email fred.bloggs@madacademy.com