Babies Walkers to 2 2s to 3s 3s to 4s

Overview and benefit

Listening to this fun and active song will help paint a picture of some different modes of transport. There are 6 different songs with descriptive lyrics to help the children learn about the different things that relate to each one – car, train, horse, bus, bike, plane.

Equipment required

  • MAD Academy I’m the Driver songs
  • Any suitable props that you may have at home (optional)

Link to resources

How it works

Use the same version of the song for two consecutive weeks. Remember, repetition is important for language development and allowing the children to recognise a song that they did the week before will build their confidence.

What to do in the class

Before the song starts give a brief description of the song and ask some simple questions to do with the transport you have chosen this week, e.g “Has mummy or daddy got a car? Open the door and climb in, shall we go fast?”

Teach the simple moves whilst during the introduction to the song, giving clear and precise movement descriptions. All versions follow the same pattern to make it easy for adults and children to join in each week

Training Video

I’m A Driver In My Car-1 from MAD Academy on Vimeo.

Adaptations for older/younger children

This song works well for walkers to 2, 2 to 4 and walkers to 4 classes.

What to do in a nursery setting

No adaptation is necessary.


Some new things to try:

  •  Bike – lay on the floor and cycle in the air. On the bit where you go down hill, do the splits in the air – seems to guarantee some hilarity!
  • Horse – finish with some ‘dressage’ – getting knees up high and pointing your feet.
  • Plane – once you have landed your plane at the end of the song, there is enough time in the outtro to take off again and go for a final ‘zoom’ around the room.
  • Train – during the outtro it is fun to make a tunnel with some of the parents (4 or so is a good number) and get the children to drive their trains through.