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Overview and benefit

Children will learn coordination and to use their core muscle to control the hoop. Playing with hoops also helps a child’s spatial awareness.

Equipment required

  • ┬áHula hoops

Training videos



  • One to two weeks

How it works

Children will carry out a variety of tasks with the hoops

What to do in the class

Give each child a hoop. First teach them how to put it over their head, wriggle down the body and step out. Refine this movement into a stepping/skipping type motion.

Get the children to hold the hoop around their middle and spin it around with their hands (most small children will not yet have the coordination to hula hoop yet!)

Teach the children how to spin and roll their hoops

Adaptation for older/younger children


What to do in a nursery setting

This can only be undertaken when there is plenty of space