Setting Up Your Competition

  1. Decide on your competition, the prize and the end date.
  2. Find/take a suitable picture. Pictures help make your post stand out. If you are offering a tangible prize, photograph that in an attractive way.
  3. Write your competition details on your website timetable page
  4. Write your terms and conditions on either your website or your Facebook notes page.
  5. Write your competition post on Facebook
  6. Upload your picture
  7. Link to your webpage for T&Cs
  8. Publish your post
  9. Pin your post to the top of your page (hover over the small arrow in the top right hand corner).

Boosting Your Post

When you are happy with your competition post, you can boost it.

  1. Press the ‘boost it’ button at the bottom of the post.
  2. First choose you audience. Choose ‘People You Choose through Targeting’. Give your audience a name (this just lets you choose the same settings if you want to use them again in the future).
  3. Specify the location you want to target
  4. Specify the age of people you want to target – whatever you think is the primary demographic of your customer base
  5. Specify the gender of your target audience
  6. Specify up to 10 interests. You will need to think creatively here as they don’t give you many options. Think about what kinds of things your target audience might be into, e.g cbeebies, pepper pig, bounty parenting club, netmums, mumsnet
  7. Specify a budget for your competition (HO will pay £10 towards your boost, but you can add to that if you want)
  8. Specify the length of time for the post – e.g. 5 days
  9. Set up your payment options.
  10. Finally press ‘Boost it’ – You can always edit your options once your post has been boosted.