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Overview and benefit

It is important for children to learn the vocabulary and mean of spatial relationships (i.e. on, in, under, up, down, beside, behind etc).  This understand helps the children to mentally manipulate objects and is a basic building block for future learning.  Children learn these concepts best through repetition, rhyme and physical demonstration. This activity takes the children on a Bear Hunt to find Ralph.

Equipment required

  • Laminated pictures for story
  • Optional props:
    • skipping ropes or ribbons
    • hoops
    • blue material
    • cardboard boxes
    • stepping stones or mats
    • a tree for Ralph to sleep under (made from a cardboard tube, pipe cleaners and paper leaves perhaps, or even simply print a tree picture)

Link to resources

Training Video

Ralphs Bear Hunt from MAD Academy on Vimeo.

Alternative Version from Rosie Bancil – Spring 2016

Going On A Bear Hunt Alternative-1 from MAD Academy on Vimeo.


Up to six weeks

How it works

There are two different rhymes where children go on a journey to find Ralph. The children can explore the spatial concepts either with or without using the props.

What to do in the class

Choose a script. Stick the pictures of Ralph in order around the hall and if using props place them by the correct picture. Without comment to the group, put Ralph as if sleeping at the end of the trail under a tree if you have one! Before starting the script playing, brief the children that they are going to go on a journey to find Ralph. Lead them around the room exploring the spatial concepts along the way. Make you are really emphasising each spatial word in each verse.

Adaptations for 2s to 4s

No adaptation required

What to do in a nursery setting

No adaptation is necessary