The next step is getting people to interact with your page.

Encouraging Comments

Positive comments on your site about MAD Academy are incredibly powerful! There is a ‘recent posts’ box which stays in the right hand corner of your page and rotates a handful of your comments, so any complimentary comments are constantly seen by people (any inappropriate or negative comments can always be removed so you shouldn’t worry about encouraging people to write on your page).

To get the ball rolling you could:

  1. Target some friendly parents or personal friends and ask them to leave a couple of comments. Once fans see others commenting they are more willing to do so themselves
  2. Reply to any comments you get as its an opportunity to generate further comments. So if someone says something nice about a class, you can say something like ‘Really glad you enjoyed it today! I loved it too! The children loved Max the Grey Hound didn’t they – I’ll have to make sure we do it again soon. What other songs are proving popular with your little ones?’
  3. Ask a question to generate useful information for parents. For example, towards the end of term you could ask if anyone has any good ideas what to do with preschool children over the holidays; or can anyone recommend a family friendly restaurant or pub, or if there is a local event, where it the best place to park
  4. Ask questions about your classes, such as what is your favourite song we do in class, what prop has your child enjoyed most, what do you like most about the classes, do people think its a good idea to run a weekend class or what would you like to include in a holiday class.
  5. When you hold a party, if you build a good relationship with the parent, email them with a link to your Facebook page and ask if they would put a comment about the party on your page. This could be done with any event you run.

Competitions, quizzes and fun

Holding competitions are a great way of getting people coming to your page or checking in regularly. These don’t have to have prizes – often the challenge of solving the puzzle or being declared the winner is enough! Possible examples could be:

  1. picture of the week – get children to draw pictures for Ralph and put up the best one on Facebook each week. You could have a theme e.g. Ralph doing different activities, or Ralph’s favourite song, or Ralph eating his favourite food.
  2. Puzzles such an anagrams – you could use song titles from class
  3. Quizzes – could have a music related question each week, something like Pop Master on radio 2.
  4.  Star of the week/ photo of the week/ children’s comp where you choose the best and put it up – drawing, photos, thinking of words to phrases, or song lyrics, can you solve the game/quizz , things that they have to come up with the answers – no prize needed. Gets them talking about the page. Can’t use liking or sharing as part of the competition or quizz
  5. Ask people to share their fun stories about their child, e. g each Friday you could ask ‘What has your child done to pull on your heart strings this week?’ or ‘ What mischief has your monkey been up to this week?’ or ‘What was your best moment with your child this week?’ or ‘what was your most embarrassing moment this week? People will try and beat each other with funnier anecdotes!
Just make sure that you don’t use ‘likes’  or ‘sharing’ as a means of voting as its against the rules of Facebook.


Be VERY careful about photos of children on your Facebook page. Pictures of children in class must NOT be posted up as photos are not allowed to be taken in class unless every parent has given written permission (see our child protection policy.)

Photos that can be posted would be:

  • A photo of a specific child in class where the parent has given written permission for you to use it on Facebook. For example sometimes when children leave to go to Nursery they like to have a photo of them with their class instructor. It must not contain any other children in the background and you must NOT put up the child’s surname. If in doubt, ask the parent to put it onto their site and to tag your MAD Academy page. You can then share it (as long as it complies with the restrictions above)
  • Photos at public events can be posted up, such as fetes, festivals, shows. Again however do not name the children.
  • If a parent posts a picture of their child at a birthday party you have run, you can ask them to tag your MAD Academy page.