Getting more nursery business

It is so important to have nurseries and children centre’s on your books to diversify your income stream. Remember to look at the nursery section of the marketing manual (update given out last summer – see Termly Training Handouts in Documents and Downloads) for ideas on how to approach them. Some top tips discussed yesturday were:

  • Regularly write out to nurseries in your areas.
  • It is essential that you follow up your mailouts with a phone call and that you try to get a face to face meeting. To help get this meeting, offer something for free. Many franchisees offer to bring in a free class voucher for all their parents. Offering to run a free taster session can also be good and get it booked in as soon as possible.
  • It is quite common for an organisation to want to change the length of the session to 30 minutes or even 20 minutes. Trish often uses a quick rule of thumb when quoting for different length lessons – £1 per minute. However, if the nursery only want 20 minute classes they must book more than one session to make it cost effective.
  • Nurseries and Children’s centres are very impressed when we align our activities to the Early Learning Goals (many other organisations don’t do this!), so when you go to speak to an organisation, take a couple of different class plans with the ELGs clearly laid out (remember there are examples and help on this in the nurseries section of the business documents and downloads section.) Also many children’s centres have their own priorities, such as speech development, listening skills or physical fitness. We can help you summarise how MAD Academy can support those priorities.
  • You don’t need to increase your insurance to cover working in nurseries, so if they tell you they do, you should query it.
  • As well as Nurseries and children’s centres, contact your Family Learning Departments in your local authority and try and get on the preferred supplier list.

Case Study

Deb’s Newman offers her top tips for getting nursery work:

“At the beginning I did lots of nursery drops. I called the nursery, introduced myself, explained that I was calling to offer a freebie to all the mums, running some free taster sessions or just come along to a class for free to find out what MAD is all about. They almost always say yes! Most importantly, get a name of the member of staff you speak to and ask when is convenient to drop leaflets/vouchers off (also asking how many kids on register so you know how many to drop off!).

When dropping leaflets off, ask for the person you spoke to, be chatty and try and get in! Also try and get them to put up a poster in their reception area. I almost force a free taster on the nursery explaining that I hold many sessions in nurseries, we meet early years goals etc. Go armed with info/testimonials etc and plug away!!

In many cases its own to luck. Face to face is always better than postal or e mails, and being chatty and loud! Most importantly going in with testimonials, etc.”

The section on Private classes in the following video should be useful if you are considering nursery classes

Business Training – Building your Business from MAD Academy on Vimeo.



You will find resources to help you with the nursery side of your business in the resources section of the intranet.