Once you are used to editing your web pages, it’s time to think about how you can get more from the website and how you can increase your visitor numbers.


These are the words that are attached as keywords to every page of the website. Keywords are one of the things that search engines look for when returning search results. The important thing to remember with keywords is that they MUST appear in the content of the page too. So if a page doesn’t use the word ‘babies’ in the content, you can’t add it as a keyword. The difficulty is which words to use in the contents of a page – for example, it’s quite hard to get ‘baby’ ‘babies’ ‘toddlers’ ‘children’ ‘preschoolers’ ‘kids’ ‘child’ all in one paragraph. It’s even worse when you are looking at phrases – if you use the phrase ‘children’s music classes’ you are not using the phrase ‘toddlers’ music classes’ or ‘children’s movement classes’ or ‘movement classes for children’ etc!

So what we do is try to get more content/pages so that we can use all the different phrases and keywords across the site. The more ‘pages’ you can get with you name and areas on, which then also have content with a broad range of keywords and phrases, the more likely people will find you (as the wider your range of keywords).

The best way for you to do that is to have news items on the website. If you do any special events, or if there is a news story associated with any of your children (with parental consent) or if you are doing any special promotions, all these could be news items for you. Just send your ideas and details to lee@madacademy.com.


Another way to increase your presence is to link to any news/PR you have managed to get into any publications. If you get any coverage, send it to lee@madacademy.com. He can then put a link to it from yourright-handd sidebar. If there isn’t  an electronic copy, send the hard copy and it can be transcribed and put onto the website.

Other websites

It’s really good to get your class details on as many other websites as possible. Don’t just think about getting your details on to on-line directories. Think about local government sites, venue website, local information sites etc. The more places you have them across the internet the more likely someone will find you

Regular updates

The more frequently your page changes, the more highly search engines rank it. Therefore make use of the ‘News’ section on your timetable page and try to change it every few weeks.