Make sure you are regularly contacting or distributing leaflets to:

  • pre-schools
  • nurseries
  • toddler groups
  • community centres
  • NCT nearly new sales and magazines
  • baby markets
  • other classes (such as arranging a leaflet swap with football classes / craft classes)
  • soft play centres
  • garden centres
  • coffee shops
  • local fetes / Summer / Christmas fayres
  • post-natal groups (offer to do a 30 minute free mini session at the end of the course for either NHS and NCT groups),
  • Families / Parenting Times / Primary Times / Grapevine, local free newspapers / mags that come through the door (we have the Wokingham Word here)
  • local Facebook Mums groups / womens groups / parenting groups / NCT groups (basically search your areas with every combination on FB of area and various types of group…parent / kids / babies / Mums / toddlers / girls / grapevine…and ask your Mums to advertise you and rec you / Netmums / Mumsnet…Don’t forget, a lot of local groups will let you place business ads on the first of the month (or Fridays. or the 15th, etc). And they generally don’t mind you responding to enquiries looking for party entertainers / classes for pre-school kids. Make sure you tell all your class attendees that they can get an extra Pawsome points stamp for placing a review or recommending you. We have a lot in Berkshire and I’m sure you do in your area…Mums groups, things to do groups, toddler and child and baby groups, grapevine, Families…plug your business every chance you get.
  • Toy shops
  • local theatres are sometimes happy to leaflet swap, ask them when they’re showing a children’s production
  • Primary schools – most will take leaflets for Foundation/Reception classes.

Parties are about the best form of advertising you can do and the beauty of them is that you get paid while doing it! If you are not currently getting many parties you need to build them, start off by offering a special offer to term paid customers. Be proactive, if you have recorded the children’s birthdays, make sure you send them a personal special offer email around 10 to 12 weeks before their birthday.

Tip from Sophie Hill for getting press coverage

Local papers love fun photos of young children. I emailed all my local papers with a photo opportunity to let them know I was doing hula dancing with toddlers and that the children would be wearing hula garlands. I got photos into three local papers including the Oxford Times which is nigh on impossible to get anything in. Papers love photos of kids being cute.