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Overview and benefit

In order to grow up as kind and caring adults it is very important that young children learn empathy for others. Children learn to interpret how others are feeling by their behaviour and facial expressions – it is a very important part of non-verbal communication. In this activity, babies and small children learn to express themselves by copying different facial expressions with this fun set of songs. As they get older the songs encourage the children to exercise and control their facial muscles.

Equipment required

  • Your choice of Funny Faces song (there are two versions)

Link to resources

Training Videos

funny faces from MAD Academy on Vimeo.


Two to three weeks

How it works

Have the child or baby facing the adult, sing the song together and have fun trying out the different funny faces the songs suggests.

What to do in the class

Explain to the parents that young babies have a fascination with faces especially their main carers. Learning to ‘read’ emotions and recognise faces is a very important part of communication and human development. Make sure that eye contact is made with the child and carer and sing the song together exploring the different facial movement that the song suggests.

For older children the songs can be sung in a circle with everyone doing the facial expressions to each other. Encourage the children and parents to have fun with the different actions in order to develop their facial muscles.

What to do in a nursery setting

 Encourage the carers to sing along with the song and interact with the babies and toddlers.