There are many ways to find suitable people:

  • Word of mouth – this is the cheapest and often most effective method.  Ask people in your classes.  These people already know the MAD format and see the value of the classes.  Also, as they are in your class, it is likely they are not already employed full-time and may be starting to think about returning to the world of work. You could email them using your database of customer emails.
  • Place adverts and leaflets close to the venues where agents will work.  Newsagent windows, notice boards, post-offices etc are all good places.  MAD Head Office can provide branded adverts/leaflets.
  • Contact MAD Head Office – we often have people enquiring about running classes but who are not interested in becoming franchisees.  We keep the details of anyone who expresses an interest in becoming an agent.
  • Contact other local franchisees.  If others have taken on agents, they may have had enquiries from suitable people they could pass on to you.
  • Finally, you could place an advert in your local newspaper or any family orientated magazines.  This should be a last resort, however, as it is not a cheap option.