Classes Page

I have made my changes to the page, how do I save them?

Click edit page on the bottom of the editing screen. This will save the changes and also make them live on the website for everyone to see.


I am changing the name of one of my venues in the table and have added the new address in the hover box. However, the old venue address is still showing in another hover box. How can I delete this old hover box?

Head Office need to add new locations and update the hover boxes.  If you e-mail us at we will be happy to do this for you.

The term hasn’t finished yet, but I want to update my classes page to display next terms information. How best should I do that?

Do not put up a second timetable on your page. It will make the page too long and cumbersome. We recommend that you replace the current terms information with the new terms details during the last two weeks of the term. When you are ready to put up your new information, if the current term is still running, then you should do the following:

  1. 1.  Change the term title to reflect the new term (keeping it in Heading 2)
  2. 2.  Under this, put the end dates for the current term.
  3. 3.  Put the new dates for the new term.


January Term 2012
The current term will run until the 16th December 2011. The new spring term will begin on 4th January 2012 and run until 28th March 2011.

If you wish to publicise the next term’s new classes before it is time to update your timetable, these should be put as news items in the news section on your page.



New classes opening next term

Next term I will be starting a new babies and crawlers class on a Tuesday at St John’s Church Hall and a Walkers to 4 class at Harpers Leisure Centre. If you would like more details about these classes, please contact me.

I need to remove a class from the timetable but when I can’t delete the relevant row as the cells change position. What should I do?

Prior to deleting the relevant cells you will need to unmerge the class cell first (turn it back into multiple rows), then delete the required row or rows. Finally remerge the cells to create the enlarged class cell again.

Why doesn’t the line show between my paragraphs once I save my changes?

When you write on your pages it is important to ensure you choose ‘paragraph’ rather than ‘format’ in the style box. Select all the relevant text, then click ‘paragraph’.

What should I do if I make a mistake on my pages?

Your first action should be to try the undo button. If this does not allow you to go back far enough, leave the page without ‘publishing’ the changes, and your mistake should not appear on the website. If you have already published your error, contact HO immediately and we will be able to retrieve an older version of your page.

I have accidentally deleted one of the section headings. How should I put it back?

Write it again, using Heading 2.

Why do I need to list the nurseries I work in?

It is up to you whether you wish to display your nurseries. For some of you a large percentage of your classes happen in nurseries and to list them out shows the extent of your coverage in the community and adds credibility to your business. It may also encourage other nurseries to contact you about running similar classes for them.

Biography Page

There is some strange text at the bottom of my biography page under the heading Testimonials. What is it?

At the bottom of everyone’s biography page is their testimonials. They are not written on the page but are put into a special testimonial widget on the site which is programmed to display in their sidebar and on their page. The text you can see is part of instructions telling the site to display your group of testimonials here. Do not edit these!


How do I add a testimonial?

You can add up to three testimonials from ‘Edit your Webpage’ from the MAD Dashboard.  If you want to include more, simply add them to the bottom of your class page.

How do I change my contact details?

You can change your telephone number from ‘Edit your Webpage’  If you need to change anything else then just let us know.


I should like to ask customers to give me some more details when they complete the on-line ‘book a class’ form. Can this be done?

It is important that the on-line booking form remains quick and simple for customers to complete. That is why only a few details are requested on the form. If however, you feel strongly that some key information is missing let us know and we can consider adding a new field to the form.

I have had some coverage in the local press recently. Can I put a link on my pages?

It can be put in your own press coverage section and linked from your page. It will also be linked from the homepage for a period of time and displayed in the central Press Coverage section of the website. You need to send the printed article or a link to an electronic version to who will put it on the site.

Map Locations

How do I update my locations on the map?

The map locations can only be updated by head office. The map does NOT update automatically just because you have updated the locations in your timetable. You must send an email to HO ( when you stop or start any new locations. This should include venue name, address, and postcode.


How do I change my password?

Request a change from Head office.