Having had some mixed experiences with mother and baby groups, I was a bit uncertain when I signed up for MAD, but both me and my (then) nine-month-old loved this class from the start. The sessions are lively and fast-paced so there’s no time for baby to get bored or fractious. Each session starts with a “hello” song that welcomes each baby individually, then there’s dancing (well, movement), singing, playing with musical instruments, baby signing, and the obligatory and ever-popular bubbles. Best of all for me, there’s no pressure to make your little one take part in every activity, so if they’re not keen on lying down/sitting still/being carried at any given moment, you can let them do their own thing. Plus there’s time for all the babies to ‘socialise’ (gurgle and steal each others’ maracas) and for the mums to have a chat. This class is a firm favourite with us and highly recommended.