My children attended the group over 3 months and had the best fun they’ve ever had at any group! Active, educational, fun for parent and child, my children were 3 (daughter) and 18 months (son) when we started, and the class appealed to both in so many ways. The instruments and songs were a favourite! The use of skill based toys i.e. beanbags, golf sticks, bouncy balls for hand eye coordination, and claves for beat competency, all excellent. I cannot praise this group highly enough. When we started my son didn’t talk, and had started using miming actions to say yes, and referred to himself as another name, after 3 weeks, there were huge improvements, after 3 months it was such a joy to see how much he had developed his language and speech, and sang every word of the hello song with all the actions!! We would recommend (and have done many times),MAD ACADEMY, to every parent with a child of all abilities and ages between baby and preschool age! Absolutely fantastic work, and Pauline deserves recognition for her work as without an enthusiastic, warm welcoming leader there would be no group at all!