MAD Academy Weymouth and Portland

Hello, I’m Hollie, I will be running classes at MAD Academy Weymouth and Portland from May 1st 2018


For the last eleven years I have achieved a vast level and understanding of professional dance, both as an individual and within a dance company. I began my career as a backing dancer with P&O cruises and within 9 months was promoted to Dance Captain, which entailed looking after all of the ship’s dancers to ensure that the overall look of the show was in time and that all new routines were on cue.

 After a further 9 months I was promoted to Company Manager which expanded my role to include the welfare of all the Singers and Dancers, schedules and rotas of each show, as well as controlling the overall look of the performances.

Aside from the administrative and logistical elements of the role as company manager, my skill and experience as a dancer was key in making last-minute changes to the choreography – in the case of injury or sickness – and to make sure the overall concept of the show remained balanced for any type of audience..

Over the eleven years as a professional dancer I have travelled the world, living in different counties dancing in productions for various employers which has increased my understanding of how cultures change the way you live and approach situation.

As well as performing I have taught all styles of ballroom dance to children aged between 5 – 16 years, with a modern twist to engage them in current, topical singles and albums in the charts making it fun and educational.

One of my last jobs was teaching the national curriculum and coach life skills to challenging young adults and children that will give them the best possible start in entering the world of further education and employment. These young adults and children have been expelled or excluded from main stream schooling and are placed in a Quay School based on their home situations.

I believe all young adults and children have the drive and aspirations to achieve all their goals and dreams once they have been given a guiding hand.