From Alison – Franchisee for Croydon

The Dinosaur party I did was actually a 45 min dinosaur themed Summer class, so some of it may not be “party” enough.

It was also one of the first MAD things I ever did, so may be a bit novice. That said, attached my plan and various other bits, in case it helps.


  1. The plan
  2. The warm up – I could type it out for you, but the best bit was during the chorus I had them them run round the room , freeze and then do a big circle stretch and ROAR at the “you’re going to hear me ROAR”, then run again then roar again.
  3. Individual “large” pictures of the dinosaurs for the mix & match  – all  black & white as I didn’t have a colour printer at that stage!
  4. Mini versions for the mix & match
  5. Musical mats – you could do surfing to reach dinosaur island instead of the big ship sailed.
  6. Mayhem – you could put together a dinosaur mayhem with flying pterodactyls, lumbering tree munching brachiosaurus, fierce growling stomping  tyrannosaurus and quick running, jumping velociraptors.
  7. With my eggs and spoons, I had a large toy dinosaur who I said had lost all his eggs and wanted them back. They then had to take the eggs through an obstacle course and return them to the dinosaur at the end of the course.
  8. For a younger age group, you could amend something I did for Easter. I got those small plastic Easter egg hunt eggs that you hide chocs in, taped them shut, and then threw them around the room. The kids had to collect them up back into my tub, but then a cheeky dinosaur grabbed the tub, and threw them out again – a variation on pick up ping pong balls!

I found a good album on Amazon music (which I get for free but is also on itunes) called Dinosaur Songs by Juice Music, which has some good songs on it (esp counting song,  5 enormous dinosaurs