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Overview and benefit

Children should be exposed to counting well before they are capable of counting themselves, as there are lots of concepts and skills involved which they need to be aware of long before they can do it! They need to understand that objects can be counted, that counting relates to quantity, they need to learn the names of numbers and learn the order of those words. Children will learn to count at very different ages.. In this activity the children start by dancing and then creep up to Ralph’s imaginary castle door in the required number of steps, counting aloud as they go. They press the doorbell and run away quickly, whilst Ralph chuckles with glee. This re-enforces simple number sequences, the skill of counting and rhythm using a fun game.

Equipment required

  • Music tracks
  • Ralph
  • A box/castle/house or cover for Ralph

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How it works

There are 12 different versions of the Ding-dong song, each using one of the numbers from 1 to 12. Each week randomly select 3 of the tracks to use, so different numbers are encountered each week.

What to do in the class

Explain over the intro that you are going to creep up to Ralph’s door and press the doorbell, and when he answers you are going to run away – which he will think is very funny!

4 bar intro Explain what’s going to happen
8 bars Dancing
“Come on! – Let’s surprise Ralph in 6” Hand to ear
Slow Count “1,2,3,4 “ etc Exaggerated slow steps creeping towards Ralph’s door
Twinkly music followed by doorbell sound The twinkly music cues you to be ready to press the imaginary doorbell
Door creaks
“It’s Ralph – Let’s run!”
Diddle-diddle running away music and Ralph’s laughter
4 bars outtro More Dancing

What to do in a nursery setting

As in class, but children must hide instead of running away. Where space is really limited steps can be taken on the spot.


  • It can be chaotic in big classes so beware. Instead of running away when Ralph wakes up, crouch down and hide, then later tiptoe away. This helps prevent too many accidents
  • Make sure parents are stepping with their children so there is more control
  • You can make Ralph a little house if you want to, but a box or pop-up container will work just as well. If you are doing this in a nursery with limited space, you can make an opening door from laminated card (2 pages bound together so they open) with a picture of Ralph behind the door.
  • If things get a little dangerous with the children running away from Ralph, tell them to stand still and hide behind their hands instead.
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