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Overview and benefit

Young children learn to see colours and even differentiate between similar colours from quite an early age. It’s not till later that they start to learn the names for colours and often have a number of colour names by around the age of three. Learning about colour is an important part of a child’s mathematical development and it is important that children are able to identify and match colours when entering foundation stage. This activity introduces children to some simple Colours by singing a song which asks children to identify the colours of their clothes.

Equipment required

  • song track


Up to two weeks

How it works

Children sing the song and adults help the children identify if they are wearing the relevant colours.

What to do in the class

As this song does not have many actions it helps to focus the children if you clap the beat, or use some claves or castanets to keep the beat. Call out each of the colours with the song and try to call out the names of the children wearing that colour.

Adaptations for older/younger children

No adaptation required

What to do in a nursery setting

No adaptation required


Extra ideas

Training Videos

Colour of our Clothes