To help you ensure your classes are economically viable we would suggest you consider the following advice when designing your price structure.

  1. Do away with ‘pay as you go’. Then you will:
    • Know where you stand financially before the class starts
    • Ensure customers understand this is a weekly class and not a drop-in group.
  2.  Offer half-term or whole-term bookings. But be strict about insisting people booking CONSECUTIVE weeks (blame Head Office if need to!) There may be times you want to offer an exception, for example when someone is about to give birth or has a definite date to return to work. Remember to put your policy on half-term/whole-term bookings in writing on the information pack and registration form.
  3. Tell customers you have waiting lists, even if there aren’t any. Use this as reason for only taking bookings of consecutive weeks and put it on your registration form. This will lead in a noticeable drop in half-term bookings! If you do have waiting lists, be clear about the re-booking date. Repeat it everywhere on re-booking form. Start giving places to those who are waiting a day or so after the rebooking date. Don’t have too be hard or unreasonable about it – a phone call will do to ask you to hold space and they post straight away (but give them a date that you will hold their place until).
  4. Don’t offer refunds and put it in writing on your registration forms “NON-REFUNDABLE”. There are always exceptions of course, but this should be a matter for your discretion. If you do decide to offer a refund, don’t refund the whole term – just to the half term.
  5. Don’t be a push over!!!!!!!!