Once you have your Facebook page up and running you may notice that your Facebook address may not contain your business name but a series of numbers. To make sure your page address is facebook.com/madacademyreading or facebook.com/madacademynorwich, you have to claim your business URL.

Ensuring you have a proper business name for your facebook page not only makes it easier for people to remember and find you, it also enables people to tag your business from their own pages.

You can only do this once you have achieved 25 likes.

To claim your address:

  1. Sign into your business Facebook page.
  2. Go to admin panel and click manage then settings then basic information
  3. Click on username.
  4. Write the extension you want to use. As you can only change your URL ONCE, so it needs to be something that wont change. Therefore this should really be your business franchise area name, e.g.  madacademyreading, or madacademynorthoxford etc. ). This will result in a URL such as www.facebook.com/madacademyreading.
  5. As long as the URL is still available, it will be assigned to you.
  6. Save your changes.
  7. The changes should not affect any pre-existing  links to you Facebook page, but just go to your pages on the website to check the link in your sidebar still find your Facebook page.