This MAD Academy Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy can be downloaded in Word form here MAD_Academy_policies_child_protection_safeguarding.docx (15)

MAD Academy believes that the welfare of the child is paramount. MAD Academy has a duty of care to all the children with whom we have contact and is committed to treating them with respect and care. MAD Academy will ensure the safety and protection of all children involved in its activities through adherence to the Child Protection guidelines outlined below.

Statement of Policy

MAD Academy aims to:

  • ensure we have safeguards in place to protect all the children we come in contact with.
  • reassure parents and guardians that they can have confidence in MAD Academy and its ability to provide a safe environment in which their children can learn and have fun.
  • allow all franchisees and agents to make informed and confident responses to specific child protection issues.
  • encourage all franchisees and agents to behave in a way that will protect them from false allegations.

Roles and Responsibilities

Whenever working with children inMADAcademyclasses, parties and events, it is the responsibility of all franchisees and agents to:

  • always work in an open environment avoiding private or unobserved situations
  • provide a safe environment for children through the thorough implementation of the MAD Academy Health and Safety Policy
  • treat all children equally with respect and dignity
  • always put the welfare of each child first
  • maintain a safe and appropriate distance with children. Class instructors are often regarded with great trust and affection by the children they teach. It is possible that a child will want to hold their hand, sit on their laps or even give their instructors hugs during or after a class. A child should not be pushed away in these circumstances, but the child should be encouraged to return to their guardian as soon as possible and such contact should never be sought by the instructor.
  • keep physical contact appropriate to the task (such as holding the hand of child to show them how to use an instrument)
  • make music and dance fun and enjoyable for all children and promote sharing and good social skills
  • be an excellent role model – this includes being polite, cheerful, and calm.
  • give enthusiastic and constructive encouragement rather than negative criticism
  • keep a written record of any injury that occurs, along with the details of any treatment given, in accordance with the MAD Academy Health and Safety Policy.

MAD Academy Head Office is responsible for

  • ensuring all franchisees and agents have been adequately checked during the recruitment process to ensure no one with a history of child abuse works with children forMADAcademy
  • providing child protection advice and support to franchisees
  • maintaining the Child Protection Policy
  • providing adequate training
  • ensuring that any claim of child abuse is passed on to the correct authorities and for conducting a thorough internal investigation which may result in disciplinary proceedings


To keep every child safe that MAD Academy comes in contact with, MAD Academy Head Office and every franchisee must follow the procedures detailed below for: