MAD Academy recognises that anyone may have the potential to abuse children in some way. As such, all reasonable steps must be taken to ensure unsuitable people are prevented from working with children for MAD Academy.

When recruiting for a class instructor (a franchisee by Head Office, or an agent by a franchisee) Head Office or the franchisee must conduct the following pre-selection checks:

  • All class instructors (franchisees and agents) should complete an application form. The application form will elicit information about an applicant’s past and a self-disclosure about any criminal record.
  • Consent should be obtained from an applicant to seek information from the Criminal Records Bureau.
  • Two confidential references will be required, including if possible one regarding previous work with children. These references must be taken up and confirmed either through telephone contact or letter.
  • Evidence of identity must be provided (eg passport or driving licence with photo).

All franchisees and agents will be required to undergo an interview during which a check must be made that the application form has been completed in full (including sections on criminal records and self disclosures). Before agents can lead a class, the CRB form must be completed and the Child Protection and Health and Safety policies must be explained. They must also be registered with Head Office using the online form.

Criminal Records Bureau Checks

It is the policy of MAD Academy to have all franchisees and agents checked through the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) at the “enhanced” level.

Even if a CRB check has already been done, irrespective of how recently, ALL instructors new to MAD Academy must still be checked.

All franchisees will complete the relevant forms with MAD Academy Head Office during the business training. In the case of agents, the franchisee must arrange a separate appointment for the agent to meet with Head Office prior to starting class training. The franchisee or agent is required to bring to the meeting four forms of identification:

  • they must present a valid Passport AND UK Driving Licence (if both are possessed).
  • they must bring at least 2 more items from the following list:
    • original birth certificate/marriage certificate
    • very recent bank or building society statement
    • very recent utility bill in your name
    • very recent credit card statement
    • TV licence
    • very recent mortgage statement
    • valid NHS card.

The ID has to be genuine and current – photocopies are not acceptable. These documents need to be in the franchisee’s or agent’s name and show their current address and be dated (if a statement etc) within 3 months. Head Office will not keep these forms of identification but must verify it has been checked. A franchisee or agent must also provide their national insurance number and all addresses for the past five years.

The franchisee will be liable for the cost of the CRB check, currently £60. They will be required to bring a cheque, made payable to the Disclosure Assist, to the meeting. The CRB check should be completed within a month and both the franchisee or agent and Head Office will receive a certificate with the results.