Child development

It is important that MAD Academy instructors have an understanding of basic child development and how our activities help. Remember to read your Child Development Manual (13).
You can also view this on a video here

Class Training Video 6 – Child Development and Special Needs from MAD Academy on Vimeo.

An understanding of the basics of child development will:
  • help you better understand the objectives behind all the activities you do in class, which are made clear in the class manual.
  • provide more context for what you are doing
  • helps you to plan better and adapt activities to the different needs of your children, rather than sticking rigidly to the age criteria.
  • enable you to confidently communicate with parents and early years settings, such as nurseries.
  • helps you to explain to parents parents what we are doing and why – why have you asked them to chase a ping pong ball around the room with a cup with their child, or why are they crawling on all fours with their bottoms in the air?
  • If parents associate MAD classes with their children benefiting as well as enjoying themselves, they might think twice about missing classes or even leaving.
We say in all our literature and on the website that we pride ourselves on our carefully structured learning. It’s a real asset that we have given this so much thought – so its important that we refer to it and share it with parents. It also helps to differentiate us from other groups/competition.