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Overview and benefit

Children will practice catching skills with a variety objects

Equipment required

  • Scarves, Balloons, nets and balls, Velcro ball catch games


  • ¬†Two to three weeks

How it works

For younger children the slow moving objects like scarves and balloons will used. Hand held catch nets and Velcro catch pads can also be used for the older children. For the faster moving balls the children can be used to offer more challenge.

What to do in the class

Start catching with slow moving safe objects like balloons or scarves. Praise attempts and slowing build difficulty. You can progress onto soft balls of different sizes, getting smaller to increase difficulty. Practice throwing below the waist, so that the ball will be caught in a little fingers together and palms up and together. When this is mastered you can advance to throwing the ball a little higher above the waist so that hands are held with thumbs together looking at the back of the hands (for older children).

Help the child learn from unsuccessful attempts by discussing reasons, e.g.

  • was the throw too hard
  • was the throw straight
  • not to over-anticipate
  • build up the art of timing and waiting for the object
  • position of hands
  • keeping still when throwing and catching
  • keeping eyes open

Training Video

Catching-1 from MAD Academy on Vimeo.

Adaptation for older/younger children


What to do in a nursery setting

Plenty of space will be required to successfully carry out this activity, or work with slow light objects like scarves and balloons.