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Overview and benefit

This activity teaches children parts of their body by singing songs about various body parts. At first babies don’t have any sense of themselves and cannot distinguish between themselves and their parent. It’s not till around 7 months that they begin to realise they are separate from their parent and the start to gain more control over their bodies. This is when they start to understand what body parts belong to them and where they begin and end. This activity encourages this body recognition by making them aware of the key parts of the body and then associating them with the correct names. This naming of body parts is valuable for older children as the body parts become more specific and the vocabulary becomes more challenging.

Equipment Required

  • Your body


  • Three to six weeks

How it works

This activity is about singing one of the many songs in our repertoire that is about learning parts of the body. There are also some rhymes that would be suitable (below). Whichever song is chosen, try to bring the song to life more by introducing it and explaining what it is going to be about.

What to do in the class

Perhaps use Ralph to demonstrate where the body parts are that are mentioned in the song and of course demonstrate them on yourself whilst singing. At the end you could recap by asking the children to touch their …

Suitable songs to choose from:

  • Ralph Says Where’s Your …
  • Heads shoulders knees & toes
  • Let’s Move
  • I wiggle my fingers
  • Here are my Fingers
  • Hands Upon Your Head

There are also some spoken rhymes:

  • Here are my Fingers and Here are my Toes (words below)
Here are my fingers (spoken rhyme)

Here are my fingers and here is my nose.

Here are my ears, and here are my toes.

Here are my eyes that open wide.

Here is my mouth with my white teeth inside.

Here is my pink tongue that helps me speak.

Here are my shoulders and here is my cheek.

Here are my hands that help me play.

Here are my feet that go walking each day.


Training Videos

Heads Shoulders Knees And Toes-1 from MAD Academy on Vimeo.

Lets Move-1 from MAD Academy on Vimeo.

I Wiggle My Fingers-1 from MAD Academy on Vimeo.

Hands Upon Your Head-1 from MAD Academy on Vimeo.

Adaptation for older/younger children

For younger children the adult will help them find the different parts of the body.

What to do in a nursery setting

No adaptation necessary.


For Ralph says, get him to whisper the required body part into your ear. You will need to put Ralph down during the chorus so that you can use your arms to demonstrate the dance.