Music and movement has amazing benefits for babies. That’s why MAD Academy offers specially designed music classes for babies and toddlers from 3 months, which are bursting with age appropriate fun!

We start with the youngest babies, exposing them to a wide range of musical genres from pop to jazz, country to classical and delighting them with the feeling of moving to music in their mother’s arms. Our baby music classes introduce them to traditional songs and nursery rhymes, as well as our own funky songs that are rich in vocabulary and varied in musical styles. All our baby music groups are brought to life with creative props and we explore instruments, pitch and rhythm to encourage an early sense of musicality.

We also focus on sensory stimulation and increasing physical awareness and control, using lots of engaging props and movement activities. We use music and singing to help babies develop their early listening and communication skills, along with games and activities centred on speech development, sound recognition and widening vocabulary. Finally we also use fun games, songs and rhymes to explore many different aspects of the world around them, from animals and transport, to bodies and making friends.

Our approach to baby music classes is free spirited and relaxed, so both parent and child can enjoy their time together. If babies need feeding, or changing, or want to do something a bit different, that is absolutely fine. We know there will soon be something exciting to engage their attention again and bring a smile to their face.

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Baby Music and Movement Class Video

Now you can see for yourself the fun that awaits you in our baby classes!