When recruiting an agent it is imperative that you comply with the relevant sections of our Child Protection Policy. Below is a summary of the recruitment and selection process including what is required by our Child Protection Policy.

No agent is allowed to run a class without the following requirements having been met:

  1. Advertise for an agent (advice and tools to help you do this can be found in the advice centre and in your business manual
  2. Send out an application form Agent Application Form Mar11 (10). All candidates MUST complete an application in order to a capture personal details and ask about any criminal records.
  3. Collect application forms and select for interview (tips and tools to help you do this can be found in the advice centre ).
  4. Interview applicants:
    1. Consent MUST be sort to do a CRB check on the successful applicant
    2. Two confidential references MUST be taken up (either in writing or on the telephone) and the outcomes recorded Agent Letter Reference Check Apr11 (9)
    3. Two forms of identification MUST be seen and noted – either a passport, a recent utility bill or a driving licence
  5. Successful candidates should be notified and MUST be sent the Class Instructor Contractor (19)
  6. Unsuccessful candidates must be notified
  7. The Class Instructor Contractor (19) MUST be signed and a copy returned to Head Office
  8. The online Agent Notification Form  MUST be completed and submitted to Head Office.
  9. An agent must undergo class training (either conducted by the franchisee or by Head Office – the franchisee will be invoiced for the cost of training if conducted by Head Office). Head Office training takes place 3 times per year – contact Trish for details).
  10. An agent MUST pass a class examination by Head Office. Examinations take place 3 times per year. As an alternative, the franchisee can conduct the exam, videoing a class and making it available for Head Office to verify. (For advice and guidance on this please contact Trish).
  11. A CRB check MUST be completed by Head Office on the agent and the results returned to the franchisee prior to the agent beginning to operate. The paperwork for the CRB check will be completed at the exam, if not before, and 4 pieces of identification will be necessary. The franchisee will incur the cost of the CRB check. No agent can start to run classes until the examination and CRB check has been completed.

N.B In EXCEPTIONAL circumstances, a franchisee can request that an agent begin classes whilst waiting for the CRB check results to be returned. However, the agent MUST have a current enhanced CRB check from another organisation, all of the above criteria must have been met and permission for this will be at the discretion of Head Office. Contact Head Office for further details.